Welcome to the MNF Suite of dealer website resources

This suite has been developed to build on the www.carloanadviser.co.uk facilities in response to many requests for increased online resources that dealers can use to improve the way that Point Of Sale Finance is communicated on their websites.

MotoNovo Finance is determined to help you to communicate the truly excellent value that dealer introduced finance offers to customers.

You can embed the videos, banners and the original CarLoanAdvisor finance page onto your website with a simple copy and paste approach.

Copy & paste the 'Source Code' directly into your own website to embed as many of these images and videos as you like.

From time to time we will update the banners, etc., offered in line with FCA requirements, which will automatically update the banners on your website.

Please also remember that your website is your responsibility. MotoNovo Finance cannot be held responsible in the event of legally non compliant or misleading websites which are not fully under our control, regardless of whether an item from this suite is displayed on them or not.
To embed the above video into your website, simply ask your webmaster to copy this code and then place it as required on your website page

Source Code