Welcome to "QuickCalc" for dealers

QuickCalc has been developed in response to requests for an 'offline' calculator, which dealers and their customers can use to work out a range of 'what if'? type calculations.

QuickCalc can be accessed by PCs, SmartPhones and tablets and linked to from your website.

With your dealership's interest rate settings and GMFV assumptions built-in, your customers can quickly consider a range of financial options for themselves, then choose a specific vehicle, work out a quote and proceed with a finance application with you.

To see how QuickCalc looks on your SmartPhone, just open your browser and go to mnfcalc.com.

Supplied with posters for you to use in your dealership, your MotoNovo Finance Account Manager can help organise your QuickCalc for you using the attached order form.

Payment is required in advance, however your Account Manager may be able to organise sponsorship of the costs as outlined in the attached user agreement, depending on your finance package terms.


QuickCalc order form         QuickCalc User Agreement

Please also remember that your website is your responsibility. MotoNovo Finance cannot be held responsible in the event of legally non compliant or misleading websites which are not fully under our control, regardless of whether an item from this suite is displayed on them or not.